25W AC Electrical Geared Motor with Gear Ratio 36k

25W AC Electrical Geared Motor with Gear Ratio 36k

Our AC induction motor widely utilised in property appliances&commaLike pellet stove&commabiomass boilers&commaovens&commacommerical grills&commarCZPTseries&commaair fresher&commablender&commaheater&commadehumidifiers&commaetc&interval


Product Output energy
CZPTting Torque
Rated Torque
Rated Velocity
Direct Wire Kind Terminal Box Sort
GS4RK25GN-A 4RK25GN-AT 25 1ph100 50 &period59 a hundred and sixty two hundred 1250 ten
60 &period69 140 one hundred sixty five 1550
GS4RK25GN-E 4RIK25GN-ET 25 1ph110 60 &period45 a hundred and forty 165 1550 8
1ph120 &period5
GS4RK25GN-C 4RK25GN-CT 25 1ph220 50 &period29 140 two hundred 1250 2&period2
1ph230 &period3 a hundred and forty
GS4RK25GN-H 4RK25GN-HT 25 1ph220 60 &period35 140 one hundred sixty five 1550

Sort Gear Ratio 3 three&period6 five 6 7&period5 nine thirteen 15 eighteen 25 30 36 fifty 60 seventy five ninety 100 a hundred and twenty a hundred and fifty 180 two hundred
Motor&solGearhead Pace r&solmin 50HZ 500 417 300 250 200 166 one hundred twenty 100 eighty three 60 fifty 41 thirty twenty five twenty sixteen fifteen 13 ten 8&period3 seven&period5
60HZ 600 500 360 three hundred 240 two hundred 144 one hundred twenty 100 seventy two sixty 50 36 30 24 20 18 15 12 ten 9
GS4RK25GN-A 4GNK 50HZ &period5 &period6 &period81 &period97 one&period2 one&period5 2 2&period4 2&period9 three&period7 four&period4 5&period3 6&period6 7&period9 8 8 eight eight eight 8 eight
GS4RK25GN-E five five&period9 eight&period26 9&period89 twelve&period2 fifteen&period3 20 24&period4 29&period6 37&period7 44&period9 54&period1 sixty seven&period3 80 eighty eighty 80 80 80 80 eighty
GS4RK25GN-C 60HZ &period4 &period5 &period67 &period8 one 1&period2 one&period7 two two&period4 three 3&period6 four&period3 five&period4 6&period5 8 eight eight 8 eight 8 eight
GS4RK25GN-H 4&period1 4&period9 6&period83 8&period16 10&period2 twelve&period2 17 twenty&period4 24&period4 30&period6 36&period7 forty three&period8 55&period1 sixty six eighty 80 80 80 eighty eighty 80

Motor voltage&comma electrical power and speed will be CZPT according to your ask for below the authorized circumstance of adoptable dimension&period

About Greensky Mechanical
Historical past&colon  Greensky Mechanical was founded in 2012 with purchasing of a fifteen yr old cooperative manufacturing facility in ZHangCZPTg Province&interval Greensky Power brought new management concept to the new joint organization and boost the good quality of the motors as Greensky Energy only supplies best good quality and best services to the culture&period 
Introduce&colon Greensky Mechanical Co&time period&comma ltd is a subsidiary business of Greensky Power which is producing micro AC and DC equipment motor&comma little AC equipment motor&comma precision planetary gearbox for servo motor&comma and it has capability to design and develop the micro motor&comma CZPT motor and precision gearbox&comma motor controller with higher good quality&period of time
Philosophy&colonWe help save value by growing the performance of creation and shipping and delivery&time period “After and forever” is our aim to serve clients in the planet&time period Once we do company with client&comma we will do company eternally&interval
Greensky’s Advantage
On the internet site you can locate a assortment of renewable merchandise including ac&soldc motor&comma induction motor&comma reversible motor&comma brake motor&comma pace management motor&comma ac angel motor&comma gear motor&comma planetary gearbox&comma worm gearbox and their relevant factors&period of time

If you have any other concerns&comma make sure you come to feel totally free to speak to us&period

25W AC Electrical Geared Motor with Gear Ratio 36k

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