BMS Built-in Deep Cycle 12V 200ah LiFePO4 Lithium Ion Battery for Solar Golf Cart Camping Car Marine Trolling Motor

BMS Built-in Deep Cycle 12V 200ah LiFePO4 Lithium Ion Battery for Solar Golf Cart Camping Car Marine Trolling Motor

Lithium Iron Phosphate 12V 100ah 200ah 300ah EV Battery




Battery Type Lifepo4 Battery   Capability twelve.8V100Ah
Charge Voltage 14.6V Discharge Reduce-off Voltage 10V
Charge Current 50A Diacharge Current 100A 
Sequence & Parallel Software 4S1P Weight 12.5KG
Cycle Existence 2500 instances Power 1280WH


Battery Depth Photographs


What cells we use for this battery pack? 

Battery curves of 100Ah cell ( temperature and lifespan)

A lot more 12V/24V Battery Packs Accessible to change direct acid battery

  Potential Dimension(mm) Fat  
Product V Ah Wh Size Width Peak KG Discharge &charge existing
CTS 12-fifty 12.eight fifty 640 256 165 210 six.2 50A,peak 100A 3S
CTS twelve-80 12.8 eighty 1571 256 a hundred sixty five 210 10.five 80A, peak 150A 3S
CTS 12-a hundred 12.eight a hundred 1280 330 173 216 12.5 100A, peak 200A 3S
CTS twelve-125 twelve.8 120 1536 330 173 216 14 120A, peak 200A 3S
CTS 12-150 12.eight a hundred and fifty 1920 521 238 218 18 150A, peak 200A 3S
CTS 12-two hundred 12.8 200 2560 521 238 218 25 150A, peak 200A 3S
CTS twelve-250 12.eight 250 3200 521 238 218 27 150A, peak 200A 3S
CTS 12-300 twelve.8 three hundred 3840 521 238 218 31 150A, peak 200A 3S
CTS 24-fifty twenty five.6 50 1280 330 173 216 twelve.five 50A,peak 100A 3S
CTS 24-one hundred twenty five.six a hundred 2560 521 238 218 25 100A, peak 200A 3S
CTS 24-a hundred and fifty 25.six 150 3840 521 238 218 31 150A, peak 200A 3S



Why Lithium Ion Battery?

♣ Advantages
 It  is  high  integrated  with  less  installation space
 High-overall performance cathode material of lithium iron  phosphate  makes  it  has  excellent  cell consistency and prolonged cycle daily life
 The battery has outstanding efficiency in low temperature
 Multiple security capabilities, battery has high voltage safety with greater dependability
 Modular and fast plug design can make it easy to use and routine maintenance

♣ Key Functions
 It is modest dimension with mild fat
 It CZPT weighty metals and atmosphere friendly
 There is no memory effect
 More than 2500 times cycle life
 Maintenance totally free
 Internal BMS with total protection 

♣ Safety
Passed the abuse and security take a look at-brief-circuit, dropping, nail penetration, effect, crush, thermal shock, above-demand, over-discharge: no fire, no explosion with steady chemical construction.




Company info

CTS is a professional company engaging in investigation,advancement,production,advertising and support of lithium ion pouch battery mobile, battery pack and battery management program.
LiFePo4 and NMC(Li(NiCoMn)O2) are the major materials. We have much more 30 types of cells, and could make OEM battery pack from 12v-200v, 10-200ah, which can be utilised in electric motor vehicle, E-bicycle, UPS, strength storage technique, telecommunication foundation station, E-scooter, E-resources,unmanned airplane, golfing cart, fork lift, cleaning automobile , electric wheelchair, etc.

More Battery Pack Obtainable

Lifepo4 Variety
Model Sort Amount in sequence Dimensions(mm)
24V100AH 8S 520*235*158
280*150*three hundred
eight/16S 520*385*158
280*290*three hundred
24V300AH 8S 720*385*158
480*290*three hundred
eight/16S 520*730*158
600*560*three hundred
48V20AH 15S 310*a hundred and fifty five*160
300*two hundred*138
a hundred and forty*168*280
48V50AH 15S 350*320*a hundred and sixty
60V30AH 19S 182*172*290
60V38AH 220*172*290
60V60AH 355*172*290
60V76AH 438*172*290
60V100AH 520*360*158
three hundred*280*three hundred
72V20AH 23S 200*172*290
72V30AH 220*172*290
72V40AH four hundred*172*290
72V60AH 430*172*290
72V76AH 540*172*290
72V100AH 630*360*158
380*280*three hundred
NMC Sort
Product Variety Amount in series Dimensions(mm)
12V100/110AH 3S one hundred*one hundred sixty*252
12V130/150AH a hundred and five*a hundred and sixty*270
12V160/185AH 132*one hundred sixty*270
24V100/110AH 7S one hundred ninety*172*290
24V160/185AH 310*172*290
48V100/110AH 14S 380*172*290
48V160/185AH 620*a hundred ninety*260
48V25AH 14S 230*one hundred twenty*215
48V50AH 230*210*245
60V35/40AH 17S a hundred sixty five*172*290
60V65/75AH 310*172*290
60V100/110AH 460*172*290
72V35/40AH 20S a hundred ninety*172*290
72V65/75AH 380*172*290
72V100/110AH 540*172*290

Get details
Sample is avaliable and welcome.
Trade term: FOB HangCZPT or HangCZPT EXW, CIF,DDU and DDP are CZPT.
Shipping and delivery time: 7-10 functioning times for sample buy, 15- 25 working times for mass buy.

Welcome you to pay a visit to our production base and to verify our generation strains!
If there are any inquiry about lithium battery, remember to really feel cost-free to contact me CZPT hesitate!!!


BMS Built-in Deep Cycle 12V 200ah LiFePO4 Lithium Ion Battery for Solar Golf Cart Camping Car Marine Trolling Motor

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