Coil Winding Guide Motor Tungsten Carbide Nozzle with Tungsten Carbide

Coil Winding Guide Motor Tungsten Carbide Nozzle with Tungsten Carbide

Coil Winding Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Motor Tungsten Carbide Nozzle with Tungsten Carbide 

TungstenCarbide nozzle is utilised on coil winding device&interval It is created specifically of challenging alloy and enjoys the hardness up to HRA90&period Two terminals andinnerle are all get mirror surface area treatment to ensure enameled wire tends to make no scrape&period of time High hardness&comma resistance to flexure&comma block and effect&time period

1&interval Substantial Use Resistance
This is assured by the choice of resources for wear factors possessing a bare minimum hardness in surplus of Vickers 1&comma 000 &lparHRC 70&rpar&interval

2&period of time Scratch-Proofing
Eliminate wire insulation movie harm&comma low friction resistance&comma steady wire stress&interval The wire-guiding surfaces are mirror finished by diamond lapping to a surface roughness of two -four micro inches Ra or far better&comma content permit&time period

3&period of time Straightness and Stiffness
Straightness and Stiffness are outlined by the wire exit becoming concentric and rigid with respect to the nozzle finding&quest &period of time In basic conditions&comma the wire ought to exit from the nozzle concentric to the finding&quest To inside of &period02 mm&comma with or CZPT load&period of time A geometric attribute presentation is demonstrated at upper remaining&period Concentricity to inside &period01mm&period

four&time period Exact Exit Radii
Since the coil winding nozzle’s Exit Radii governs the angle of the wire exit from 1 coil to the up coming&comma it must be monitored to &additionally &sol – &period571 mm&period This is done by electronic measurement&comma proven at upper proper&interval

No&interval Item Identify Product No&period&lparmm&rpar
L L1 D D1 d1 d2 H
T2 Sequence
one T2-001 TH2571-040-355710 35 10 2 1&period0 &period4 &period4
two T2-002 TH2012-050-355710 35 10 two 1&period2 &period5 &period5
3 T2-003 TH2012-040-35070 35 7 two one&period2 &period4 &period4
4 T2-004 TH86-571-2571 twenty two &period8 &period6 &period2 &period2
5 T2-005 TH1510-050-30070 30 7 one&period5 1 &period5 &period5
6 T2-006 TH2571-050-30070 30 7 2   &period5 &period5
7 T2-007 TH2012-050-355710 35 ten 2 1&period2 &period5 &period5
eight T2-008 TH2571-040-35070 35 7 2 1 &period4 &period4
nine T2-009 TH208-030-30080 30 eight 2 &period8 &period3 &period3
ten T2-571 TH2571-two-1007 26 7 2 1 &period3 &period3
eleven T2-011 TH2571-050-35710 thirty 10 2 1 &period5 &period5
12 T2-012 TH2520-080-350110 35 11 2&period5 2 &period8 &period8
13 T2-013 TH2571-030-30060 thirty six 2 1 &period3 &period3
14 T2-014 TH2012-060-350150 35 fifteen two 1&period2 &period6 &period6
T3  Series
1 T3-001 TH3571-030-30070 thirty 7 3 one&period0 &period3 &period3
two T3-002 TH3571-040-30070 thirty seven three one&period0 &period4 &period4
three T3-003 TH3571-050-35710 30 10 three 1&period0 &period5 &period5
four T3-004 TH3571-050-35710 thirty 10 three 1 &period5 &period5
five T3-005 TH3571-060-30080 thirty 8 three one &period6 &period6
6 T3-006 TH308-030-30070 thirty seven 3 &period8 &period3 &period3
7 T3-007 TH3013-060-30090 thirty nine three one&period3 &period6 &period6
eight T3-008 TH3015-060-14090p fourteen 9 three 1&period5 &period6 &period6 5
nine T3-009 TH3015-a hundred-14090p fourteen nine 3 1&period5 one one five
ten T3-571 TH3571-040-14090p 14 9 three one &period4 &period4 five
11 T3-011 TH300-a hundred-3000 thirty three one one
12 T3-012 TH300-030-2600 26 3 &period3 &period3
thirteen T3-013 TH300-060-2600 26 three &period6 &period6
14 T3-014 TH300-120-3000 30 3 1&period2 one&period2
fifteen T3-015 TH300-120-3000 thirty three 1&period2 1&period2
16 T3-016 TH300-030-3000 30 three &period3 &period3
seventeen T3-017 TH300-060-2600 26 3 &period6 &period6
18 T3-018 TH305-030-30040 thirty four 3 &period5 &period3 &period3
19 T3-019 TH300-080-2500 twenty five three &period8 &period8
20 T3-571 TH300-040-3500 35 three &period4 &period4
21 T3-571 TH300-035-3500 35 3 &period35 &period35
22 T3-571 TH300-a hundred-2500 25 three 1 1
23 T3-571 TH300-080-4500 45 three &period8 &period8
24 T3-571 TH300-a hundred and fifty-3500 35 3 1&period5 one&period5
twenty five T3-571 TH300-one hundred-3600 36 3 1 one
26 T3-026 TH300-060-3000 thirty 3 &period6 &period6
27 T3-571 TH400-080-3000 thirty 4 &period8 &period8
28 T3-571 TH400-one hundred twenty-4300p forty three four 1&period2 one&period2 twenty
29 T3-571 TH400-080-3200p 32 4 &period8 &period8 twenty
30 T3-030 TH450-one hundred twenty-4300 forty three 4&period5 one&period2 1&period2
31 T3-031 TH4571-a hundred and fifty-430120p forty three twelve four 2&period5 one&period5 one&period5 twenty
32 T3-032 TH3920-080-200190p 20 19 3&period9 two &period8 &period8 19
33 T3-033 TH500-two hundred-2000 twenty  — five two

Coil Winding Guide Motor Tungsten Carbide Nozzle with Tungsten Carbide

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