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China Hot selling NEMA BLDC Electrical Brushless Servo Motor CNC Machine Tools with Gearbox Encoder vacuum pump connector

Product Description

Brushless DC Servo Motor with Encoder- Opitional Precision Gearbox

Product Description



Model Rated power Rated voltage Current Number of poles Rated speed Rated torque Peek torque Moment constant Length Weight Encoder
W V A   rpm N. m N. m N. m/A mm Kg p/k
D866-07009 220 310 0.94 8 3000 0.7 2.1 0.74 71 1.85 1000
D866-14019 440 310 1.89 8 3000 1.4 4.2 0.74 100 2.6 1000
D866-21571 660 310 2.83 8 3000 2.1 6.3 0.74 125 4 1000


Model Rated power Rated voltage Current Number of poles Rated speed Rated torque Peak torque Moment constant Length Weight Encoder
W V A   rpm N. m N. m N. m/A mm Kg p/k
D426-57116 32 24 1.56 8 3000 0.1 0.3 0.057 50 0.45 1000
D426-57140 64 24 4 8 3000 0.2 0.6 0.057 69 0.55 1000


Model Rated power Rated voltage Current Number of poles Rated speed Rated torque Peak torque Moment constant Length Weight Encoder
W V A   rpm N. m N. m N. m/A mm Kg p/k
D606-57129 78 36 2.89 8 3000 0.25 0.75 0.11 52 0.9 1000
D606-05043 156 48 4.33 8 3000 0.5 1.5 0.64 73 1.25 1000
D606-5712 235 310 1.16 8 3000 0.75 2.25 0.64 94 1.6 1000


Model Rated power Rated voltage Current Number of poles Rated speed Rated torque Peak torque Moment constant Length Weight Encoder
W V A   rpm N.m N.m N.m/A mm Kg p/k
D706-05034 156 36 3.35 8 3000 0.5 1.5 0.149 60 1.3 1000
D706-10014 313 310 1.44 8 3000 1 3 0.69 90 2.08 1000

The above information is just for your information, please contact us for customize service.

Matched with Precision Gearbox which could be customized in flange size and shaft type

– This precision gearbox series is combined the economy design with good performance

–  We have the option of selecting the deep groove baal bearings. Low-frictin bearing is good with high output speed. The larger bearing on the output allow higher axial and radial forces

–  The compact profile also allows it to be used in limited spaces

–  High efficiency of gearboxs means that it always runs reliably and more powerful in your equipment

–  An attractive and fair price is also our target.


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Company Profile



Founded in 2006, I.CH is a professional Micro Metal Gear Motor factory over 16years. We have worked with over 23 countries’ customers arround world. We have over 20 patents in motor  field.

From 2015, we focus on the development of   planetary gearbox  and matched our motors, such as   DC brush motor,   Brushless DC Motor,   Stepper Motor  and Servo Motor. Custom Service for micro gear motor with encoder and dual shaft in special specification, The light weight with high torque and low speed is widely used in a variety of industrial, home application and hobby appliance.

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50 +

Countrie’s Customers

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                                  Factory Area



Our products pass the inspection by CE UL ROHS ISO9000 ………………….


Factory Ability

Welcom to visit our factory



Customer Visiting

We have worked with over 23 countries’ customers arround world. Welcom to visit our factory


Packaging & Shipping

-Crate, carton or pallet;
-Shipping method: air shipping, sea shipping or express;
-Delivery time: 20-50 working days.




Q: Can you provide the Gearbox or Planetary Gearbox for servo motor?
A: YES. We have strong R&D capability, also a great term of engineers, each of them have many work years experience.
Q: Do you provide the samples of Servo Motor?
A: YES. Our company can provide the samples to you, and the delivery time is about 5-15days according to the specification of gearbox you need.
Q: What voltage can you supply?
A:  customized voltage.
Q: Do you have the item in stock?
A: I am sorry we do not have the item in stock, All products are made with orders.
Q: Do you provide technology support?
A: YES. Our company have strong R&D capability, we can provide technology support if you need.

Q: How to select a suitable Servo Motor?
A: If you have Gear motor pictures or drawings to show us, or you have detailed specs like voltage, speed, torque, motor size, working mode of the motor, life time and noise level etc, please do not hesitate to let us know, then we can recommend suitable Geared Motor per your request accordingly.

If you have any questions, please contact us. /* January 22, 2571 19:08:37 */!function(){function s(e,r){var a,o={};try{e&&e.split(“,”).forEach(function(e,t){e&&(a=e.match(/(.*?):(.*)$/))&&1

Excitation Mode: Excited
Number of Poles: 8
Structure and Working Principle: Brushless


.shipping-cost-tm .tm-status-off{background: none;padding:0;color: #1470cc}

Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

about shipping cost and estimated delivery time.
Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

servo motor

What role does the controller play in the overall performance of a servo motor?

The controller plays a crucial role in the overall performance of a servo motor system. It is responsible for monitoring and regulating the motor’s operation to achieve the desired motion and maintain system stability. Let’s explore in detail the role of the controller in the performance of a servo motor:

1. Motion Control:

The controller is responsible for generating precise control signals that dictate the motor’s speed, torque, and position. It receives input commands from the user or higher-level control system and translates them into appropriate control signals for the servo motor. By accurately controlling the motor’s motion, the controller enables precise positioning, smooth acceleration and deceleration, and the ability to follow complex trajectories. The controller’s effectiveness in generating accurate and responsive control signals directly impacts the motor’s motion control capabilities.

2. Feedback Control:

The controller utilizes feedback from position sensors, such as encoders, to monitor the motor’s actual position, speed, and other parameters. It compares the desired motion profile with the actual motor behavior and continuously adjusts the control signals to minimize any deviations or errors. This closed-loop feedback control mechanism allows the controller to compensate for disturbances, variations in load conditions, and other factors that may affect the motor’s performance. By continuously monitoring and adjusting the control signals based on feedback, the controller helps maintain accurate and stable motor operation.

3. PID Control:

Many servo motor controllers employ Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) control algorithms to regulate the motor’s behavior. PID control calculates control signals based on the error between the desired setpoint and the actual motor response. The proportional term responds to the present error, the integral term accounts for accumulated past errors, and the derivative term considers the rate of change of the error. By tuning the PID parameters, the controller can achieve optimal performance in terms of response time, stability, and steady-state accuracy. Properly configured and tuned PID control greatly influences the servo motor’s ability to follow commands accurately and efficiently.

4. Trajectory Planning:

In applications requiring complex motion profiles or trajectories, the controller plays a vital role in trajectory planning. It determines the optimal path and speed profile for the motor to follow, taking into account constraints such as acceleration limits, jerk limits, and mechanical limitations. The controller generates the required control signals to achieve the desired trajectory, ensuring smooth and precise motion. Effective trajectory planning by the controller enhances the motor’s performance in applications that involve intricate or high-speed movements.

5. System Monitoring and Protection:

The controller monitors various parameters of the servo motor system, including temperature, current, voltage, and other diagnostic information. It incorporates protective measures to prevent damage or excessive stress on the motor. The controller can implement safety features such as overcurrent protection, over-temperature protection, and fault detection mechanisms. By actively monitoring and safeguarding the motor and the system, the controller helps prevent failures, prolongs the motor’s lifespan, and ensures safe and reliable operation.

6. Communication and Integration:

The controller facilitates communication and integration with other components or systems within the overall automation setup. It may support various communication protocols, such as Ethernet, CAN bus, or fieldbus protocols, enabling seamless integration with higher-level control systems, human-machine interfaces (HMIs), or other peripheral devices. The controller’s ability to efficiently exchange data and commands with other system components allows for coordinated and synchronized operation, enhancing the overall performance and functionality of the servo motor system.

In summary, the controller plays a vital role in the overall performance of a servo motor system. It enables precise motion control, utilizes feedback for closed-loop control, implements PID control algorithms, plans complex trajectories, monitors system parameters, and facilitates communication and integration. The controller’s capabilities and effectiveness directly impact the motor’s performance in terms of accuracy, responsiveness, stability, and overall system efficiency.

servo motor

How does the accuracy of a servo motor impact the precision of a system it operates in?

The accuracy of a servo motor has a significant impact on the precision of the system in which it operates. Here’s how the accuracy of a servo motor influences the precision of the system:

1. Positioning Control:

The accuracy of a servo motor directly affects the precision of positioning control in a system. A servo motor with high accuracy can accurately and consistently reach and maintain the desired position. This precision in positioning control is crucial in applications where precise movements, such as in robotics or manufacturing processes, are required. If the servo motor lacks accuracy, it may introduce position errors, leading to reduced precision in the system’s overall operation.

2. Repeatability:

Repeatability refers to the ability of a system to consistently achieve the same position or motion repeatedly. The accuracy of a servo motor plays a vital role in achieving high repeatability. A servo motor with high accuracy will consistently return to the same position when commanded to do so. This level of repeatability is essential in applications where consistent and precise movements are necessary, such as in assembly lines or pick-and-place operations. A lack of accuracy in the servo motor can result in variations in position from one cycle to another, reducing the overall precision of the system.

3. Error Compensation:

The accuracy of a servo motor is crucial for error compensation in a system. In many applications, external factors, such as variations in load or environmental conditions, can introduce errors in the system’s operation. An accurate servo motor can help compensate for these errors by precisely adjusting its position or motion based on feedback from sensors. This error compensation capability contributes to maintaining the precision of the system, as the servo motor can continuously adjust to minimize any deviations from the desired position or trajectory.

4. System Stability:

The accuracy of the servo motor also impacts the stability of the system. A servo motor with high accuracy can achieve stable movements and maintain control over the system’s dynamics. It can respond accurately to control signals, preventing overshoot, oscillations, or erratic behaviors that can degrade system precision. On the other hand, a servo motor with lower accuracy may introduce instability or erratic movements, compromising the overall precision of the system.

5. System Calibration and Calibration:

An accurate servo motor simplifies the calibration and fine-tuning process of a system. When a system requires calibration, an accurate servo motor provides a reliable reference point for adjustments. The precise and consistent movements of the servo motor make it easier to calibrate other components or subsystems in the system, ensuring that the entire system operates with the desired precision. If the servo motor lacks accuracy, it can be challenging to calibrate the system effectively, resulting in reduced precision in the system’s operation.

In summary, the accuracy of a servo motor has a direct impact on the precision of the system it operates in. An accurate servo motor enables precise positioning control, high repeatability, effective error compensation, system stability, and simplified calibration processes. These factors collectively contribute to achieving the desired precision in the system’s operation. Therefore, selecting a servo motor with the appropriate level of accuracy is crucial for ensuring the overall precision and performance of the system.

servo motor

How does feedback control work in a servo motor system?

In a servo motor system, feedback control plays a crucial role in achieving precise control over the motor’s position, speed, and acceleration. The feedback control loop consists of several components that work together to continuously monitor and adjust the motor’s behavior based on the desired and actual position information. Here’s an overview of how feedback control works in a servo motor system:

1. Position Reference:

The servo motor system starts with a position reference or a desired position. This can be specified by a user or a control system, depending on the application requirements. The position reference represents the target position that the servo motor needs to reach and maintain.

2. Feedback Sensor:

A feedback sensor, such as an encoder or resolver, is attached to the servo motor’s shaft. The purpose of the feedback sensor is to continuously measure the motor’s actual position and provide feedback to the control system. The sensor generates signals that indicate the motor’s current position, allowing the control system to compare it with the desired position.

3. Control System:

The control system receives the position reference and the feedback signals from the sensor. It processes this information to determine the motor’s current position error, which is the difference between the desired position and the actual position. The control system calculates the required adjustments to minimize this position error and bring the motor closer to the desired position.

4. Controller:

The controller is a key component of the feedback control loop. It receives the position error from the control system and generates control signals that govern the motor’s behavior. The controller adjusts the motor’s inputs, such as voltage or current, based on the position error and control algorithm. The control algorithm can be implemented using various techniques, such as proportional-integral-derivative (PID) control, which adjusts the motor’s inputs based on the current error, the integral of past errors, and the rate of change of errors.

5. Motor Drive:

The control signals generated by the controller are sent to the motor drive unit, which amplifies and converts these signals into appropriate voltage or current levels. The motor drive unit provides the necessary power and control signals to the servo motor to initiate the desired motion. The drive unit adjusts the motor’s inputs based on the control signals to achieve the desired position, speed, and acceleration specified by the control system.

6. Motor Response:

As the motor receives the adjusted inputs from the motor drive, it starts to rotate and move towards the desired position. The motor’s response is continually monitored by the feedback sensor, which measures the actual position in real-time.

7. Feedback Comparison:

The feedback sensor compares the actual position with the desired position. If there is any deviation, the sensor generates feedback signals reflecting the discrepancy between the desired and actual positions. These signals are fed back to the control system, allowing it to recalculate the position error and generate updated control signals to further adjust the motor’s behavior.

This feedback loop continues to operate in a continuous cycle, with the control system adjusting the motor’s inputs based on the feedback information. As a result, the servo motor can accurately track and maintain the desired position, compensating for any disturbances or variations that may occur during operation.

In summary, feedback control in a servo motor system involves continuously comparing the desired position with the actual position using a feedback sensor. The control system processes this position error and generates control signals, which are converted and amplified by the motor drive unit to drive the motor. The motor’s response is monitored by the feedback sensor, and any discrepancies are fed back to the control system, enabling it to make further adjustments. This closed-loop control mechanism ensures precise positioning and accurate control of the servo motor.

China Hot selling NEMA BLDC Electrical Brushless Servo Motor CNC Machine Tools with Gearbox Encoder   vacuum pump connector	China Hot selling NEMA BLDC Electrical Brushless Servo Motor CNC Machine Tools with Gearbox Encoder   vacuum pump connector
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  in West Rand South Africa  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Agricultural Machine Gearbox manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in West Rand South Africa  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Agricultural Machine Gearbox manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler